About Us

We are an award-winning, family owned and operated design/build firm established in 1999.  Lewis Builders is the design/build firm that can make your dream home a reality. Located in Carmel, CA, we create beautifully designed homes specifically tailored to complement your lifestyle and increase your home’s value.

Our Mission

On the surface, we change people’s spaces in which they live, so that they can improve their life in some way…. Aesthetically and functionally.  And this impacts their daily life, routines, and rhythms. On a deeper level our tagline, “Change Your Space, Change Your Life,” lends to the fact that in improving our surroundings, we can truly change our lives on an energetic level, that changes the way we feel, the way we think, the way we breathe, and what we are inspired to create.  It is a gift to be able to provide this kind of lasting impact on others’ lives.

Our Vision

At Lewis Builders we believe in approaching design/build projects with honesty, integrity, and transparency by doing what we say we will do. We are committed to constant innovation, so that we can provide our customers with state-of-the-art products, exceptional service and distinctive designs.

Our Core Values

Be Raw & Real

Integrity and trust. Tell the truth. Be yourself, fair, firm & honest, and open & vulnerable.

All In

Commit 100% heart & soul. Show compassion. Go above & beyond. Whatever it takes.


Have a growth mindset. Educate, think outside the box, work smarter, disrupt


Acknowledge problems & plan to fix it. Own your mistakes and the outcome

Unconditional Support

Leave no one behind. Support your colleagues and our customers. We are family.

Pursuit of Happiness

Smile big and laugh often. Love deeply. If you’re not having fun, make a change to be happy…

On Time & On Budget

From the start of each project, we take full responsibility of budgeting, ensuring that nothing is designed outside for your budget. We have a passion for building and invite you to bring your own plans to the table, though we are happy to provide the services of our in-house design team and licensed architect.

What makes us different?

Building your new project is an exciting and important endeavor, and Lewis Builders wants the process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That is why we provide each of our clients with access to a secure website with all of the details of their project. Whether you are at home, at work, on the road, or on vacation, Lewis Builders puts information at your fingertips about your selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more.


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